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Conor McGregor On Reading His Opponents Mind

Conor McGregor reading opponents emotions

A segment on fighters like Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather, Saenchai and world heavyweight champion boxer Tyson Fury. Fighters who can read minds. Floyd talks about how he knew that when Freddie Roach looked at him. He said that he was thinking to himself;

“I’ve ever seen a fighter so confident.”

Mindsmash believes that it is not entirely genetic. With two main factors being integral to cultivating this. Presence to the moment, an empty cool still mind, ready to take at that moment. Second, knowing yourself, the more emotional you are, the easier it is to ready your mind.

The ability to read microexpressions, understanding them. Either based on the classifications they have studied or by studying themselves. Either way, if you can keep your mind still, calm, empty and take the time to examine yourself. You’re life, question why you did this, why you did that, reacted that way. Slowly painting a picture from the smile, the outburst of anger, sadness, frustration, envy. Slowly, the dots will connect. And you will see very similar patterns in other as well.

In the words of Conor McGregor

“I know the way people are feeling. In terms of just body language and the way, people approach certain things. I know what’s going through someone’s mind just by looking at them.”

“Know yourself to know others.  That’s some true shit right there. Nobody is calmer than me, my mind is clear. You can’t have evil thoughts, you can’t have happy thoughts, you can’t have sad thoughts. You can have no thoughts in there, it needs to be empty. You know what I mean. It’s a weird kinda feeling in there because it is empty.

Training with John I kinda got that balance and realised, recognised that emotions are not good in the fight game. In anything really. You need to be emotionless really.”

This was taken from a full interview by Bobby Razak.

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