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The Mechanic Of The Conor McGregor Punch ● Bruce Lee Philosophy & The Boxer’s Muscle

Conor McGregor punch mechanics

A breakdown of a recent comment released by Conor McGregor on the mechanics of his punch. Drawing similarities between his words and those of the Great Bruce Lee. Mindsmash takes us inside the mind of the UFC Champion. And how he approaches his movement philosophy.

What both Conor and Lee have in common is their focus on relaxation. Both men propagating the notion that if you throw a punch when your ligaments are stiff. You feel the extension and do not carry the same force you would if you were more relaxed. Ensuring that your mind is clear and free to make the decision. As Conor himself has said, you cannot have evil thoughts or happy thoughts. You can’t have any thoughts in there, it needs to be empty.

“In order to have complete freedom in your shot selection and direction, you must first gain the ability to disconnect each limb from the body safely. This is a right-hand uppercut. But notice the separation in the shoulder joint. From the rotator cuff to the clavicle and collar bone. The entire joint has complete freedom and separation. That whip of a shot is free to go in any direction.

The same rules apply for every part of the body. Freedom in the body equals freedom in the strike.
Yours sincerely, the greatest. “ – Conor McGregor

Another fighter who displays similar striking style is that of the UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic. Not with the fastest punch in the sport. Miocic seems to generate so much power from a seemingly small movement. This can be put down to the development of his boxers muscle. Allowing him to generate that unbelievable knockout power.

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