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CONOR MCGREGOR: Philosophies of Fighting

Conor McGregor: Philosophies of Fighting

This is the first part of a short documentary series which Mike Fight Promo is doing, the title,’ Philosophies of Fighting‘. And in this first episode, Mike takes on the biggest star in mixed martial arts, one Conor McGregor. We go inside the minds of the former UFC double champ, featherweight and lightweight king.

McGregor burst on to the mixed martial arts scene like few fighters before. Taking the world by storm, in the matter of a few short years, he quickly rose to become one of the biggest stars in all sports. From plumbers apprentice in Dublin Ireland to fighting Floyd Mayweather in a boxing mega-fight. Conor set the bar for other MMA fighters and sports stars in general to follow.

With a unique take on both life and fighting, the man from Crumlin in Dublin has very much visualised his way to superstardom, once commenting;

“If you can see it here, and you have the courage enough to speak it, it will happen”

We get to hear from Conor as he talks about his philosophy on fighting. How he built himself into the star who has conquered the MMA world that we now see today. Never shy to tell you what’s on his mind, we get a good picture of where he has come from mentally to reach his goals. With accompanying footage from his training in Ireland

Where the road will take Conor McGregor on this journey is anyone’s guess. He is a man on a mission, with a destination in his mind’s eye. All we can do is watch and take part to our own degree.

“I’m in it to get all the money, all the belts, then I’m gone …”

Always quality work from Fight Mike Promo, really looking forward to this entire series.

Soundtrack: ‘American Beauty’

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