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Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Open Workout

The media are in attendance as the UFC Champ Champ Conor McGregor does his open workouts in UFC Headquarters. Ahead of the biggest match in some say the history of boxing. McGregor will take on the P4P great that is Floyd Mayweather when the pair face off in the ring in Las Vegas Nevada.

With Mayweather being the favourite and rightly so, McGregor is keen to show the world just what they are missing. As always, Conor sells his chances in the fight like no other and can make even the most doubtful a believer. Here we see him as he prepares and works the punching bags and mits in his preparation.

Surrounded by his team Conor is putting in some of his best work to prepare for the huge task ahead. I am sure that in McGregor’s own mind he feels that 100% has what it takes to beat the smaller man. But Mayweather is no regular boxer and those who know boxing are ultra-confident that their guy will do what he has always done for the previous 49 – 0 fights, win.

We shall have to wait until these two finally face off inside the ring to see who will be the winner. But one thing is for sure, this fight will break all manner of records. Both in boxing terms and MMA terms, as both men collect one of the biggest paydays of their careers. All the upcoming action takes place at the T-Mobile Arena August 26, 2017, in Las Vegas Nevada.

Will we see a blowout display from the man they call Money? Or can the Irishman pull off one of the biggest upsets in world combat sports history? All will be revealed when two of the biggest names in sports lace up their gloves to find out who is the best. Next up Floyd vs Conor McGregor in a mixed martial arts cage? Doubt it!

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