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Conor McGregor on Conan Talk Show: FULL INTERVIEW

Conor McGregor On The Conan O’Brien Show

The star of Conor McGregor has risen faster than any other athlete in the UFC before him. No matter where you turn right now he is either on the tv or radio working the pr game. Last night he sat down with world-renowned American Irish tv chat show host Conan O’Brien for a chin wag. The Dubliner is in town promoting his upcoming fight where he hope to capture the UFC Interim featherweight title.

The two spoke about his career to date, his upcoming fight at UFC 189., formerly against Jose Aldo Junior and now Chad Mendes. How high the featherweight contenders star will rise could well be determined when he meets Mendes to contest the interim title. With so many eyes on the huge card, it could well be a career-defining night for the Dubliner.

How will he fare under the pressure in the biggest fight of his life? Going by past experience, he is goign to take it all in his stride as he looks to fight his way to the very top spot, not just in his division, but also in the entire sport of MMA. Conor McGregor is a star who is on the rise and only he knows what his future wil lbring, right Mystic Mac?

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