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Conor McGregor Mystic Mac: “Snake in the grass” Edition

Conor McGregor Mystic Mac TJ Dillashaw Edition

This is a short compilation video of Conor McGregor’s prediction that TJ Dillashaw was not in with Team Alpha Male. But rather organising his own plans behind the scenes. McGregor aka Mystic Mac hits the nail on the head with his prediction that TJ is not in fact part of the team, but in it for himself. Something perhaps Faber should have spotted some time earlier than he did.

Check out the new featherweight champs insight into what he sees happening that has eluded the entirety of Team Alpha Male. TJ Dillashaw defends his bantamweight title against former world champion Dominick Cruz on January 17th. But right now we can take a look at exactly how The Notorious One was able to sense that Dillashaw was a snake in the grass. How did Conor know this or was it all on pure gut instinct?

McGregor is able to break down almost exactly what was taking place at Team Alpha Male, even without having any direct knowledge about the situation. He was able to simply look and see for himself what was taking place.

Mystic Mac Calling It Right Again

It’s an unusual skill which the Irishman has and has managed to call multiple incidents and events before they have happened. Conor McGregor is able to explain directly to Urijah Faber what exactly is going on under his won nose that he does not quite yet see himself. Despite the fact that he is one of the key players!

It is a fascinating look at how the UFC featherweight is able to analyse situations and extrapolate just how it will turn out. This is one of the reasons for him being called Mystic Mac and one of the main reasons many people have become huge fans. So let us watch just how his mind works and enjoy the fireworks.

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