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Conor McGregor Ido Portal Movement Training Explained

Explaining the Conor McGregor Ido Portal movement

A really nice breakdown video which focuses on the philosophy and physiology of movement. And in this case, focusing on Conor McGregor. With analysis of styles and techniques, we get some fascinating insight, into how the author believes Conor approaches combat and with that his opponents. 

Some words from the author:

An art focused on fluid and adaptive movement founded by Ido Portal; Conor McGregor has implemented Ido’s philosophy of movement into his striking game with devastating results. In this video, I’ll offer an analysis of a style that seems to contradict the conventional notion of encasing yourself in refined technique; a style that creates a dynamic foundation to address “kinetic problems”, as Ido would put it.

Seeing Mcgregor put these techniques into practical use inside the octagon. Has seen a wave of fighters around the world taking in note and in many instances also to add the new training style. Has Portal’s unique philosophy played a role in the success of the featherweight champion? Only he can tell you that!

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