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Conor McGregor: Media Workout | Mayweather vs. McGregor – SHOWTIME PPV

The Conor McGregor Open Workout for Floyd Mayweather

The time for talking is almost over. with all the furore over what has and has not been going on inside the Conor McGregor camp. Between Paulie Malignaggi joining then summarily leaving the camp. And spilling the beans about how he felt the sparring partners were being treated. Along with how he felt he was getting the better of  McGregor in their stand up battles.

Now we finally get to see Conor in the flesh, on camera, throwing leather. No still shots, no framing, no preset storyline. Everyone will be watching with bated breath to see how much he has come along, during his time in the secluded secure UFC Performance Institute.

With the Mayweather camp in high spirits and Floyd looking sharper by the day. This is McGregor’s opportunity to show the world that he is really in with a chance. We have heard all along from the Conor supporters in the know that he will not try to box with Floyd. And what we will see come August 26th will not be a boxing match. But actual fighting vs the sweet science.

How that will turn out is anyone’s guess. With set rules to a traditional boxing match, you can only push things so far before you go outside and tear the box to shreds.

Ready to Shock the World?

With such confidence oozing from the Dubliner, it’s hard not to believe what he says. Inside the octagon, he has shown us what he can do. Now all he had to do is transfer that to the Marcus of Queensbury and he will shock the world. Easier said than done against perhaps TBE. Well, at least and around one of the very best to ever do it.

Conor McGregor hosts a media workout at the UFC Performance Institute in preparation of his mega-fight against Floyd Mayweather – Saturday, August 26th on SHOWTIME PPV.

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