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IRISH Boxing Legend Steve Collins Says Conor McGregor Can “Shock Mayweather”

Conor McGregor Can Shock Mayweather Says Steve Collins

Irish former world champion Steve Collins who was recently asked about Conor McGregor. Is regarded as one of the best boxers to ever come out of Ireland and is the most successful Irish boxers in history. Having won the WBO Middleweight and Super Middleweight World titles. Although having fought much of his career in the US. He is most widely known for his exploits in Europe, where he defeated legendary boxers Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn, having fought both men twice.

Being interviewed recently, he commented that he sees the Conor McGregor fight with Floyd Mayweather as a win-win for the Irishman. If he loses, regardless, he walks away with 100 million dollars. He won’t have lost face as this was never his sport anyway!

Conor McGregor Can Pull It Off Against Floyd

Steve reckons that with the right tools and gameplan, anyone can win on any given night. Conor trains in Steve’s brothers pro gym in Dublin. And he says that he has so much natural ability. And with the right coaching and gameplan.

“He could shock the whole world! It’s happened before.”

Collins goes on to say that Floyd is just a man with two arms and two legs. And if he gets hit on the chin, he’s going over. It happened to Rocky Marciano against a light heavyweight, “it’s not a foregone conclusion.” Being a fan of two guys squaring off and throwing leather.

He says that he was never a Mayweather fan and that he wouldn’t go across the street to see him fight. Steve talks about how Conor McGregor is young and he is fearless. And that he doesn’t really care if he gets beat up or not. Saying that he will climb through the ropes for anybody and so will not be intimidated by the much smaller Mayweather. He will in fact relish the opportunity to show the world just what he is made of.

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