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An Experience With Conor McGregor Manchester: Q&A Full Show

Conor McGregor Experience Live In Manchester

To say the rise of Conor McGregor has been meteoric, could well be understating things. Since he burst on to the International MMA scene when he joined the Ultimate Fighting Championships just a few short years ago, the Irishman hasn’t looked back. Now we get to hear from the man himself, as he tells us his personal story, unscripted, for the first time anywhere in the world.

McGregor sits down with journalist Ariel Helwani to discuss life, love and fighting. We get to dive deep into his life both inside and outside the UFC octagon and what makes the man himself tick? A phenomenon which happens once in a lifetime, his story is now one of legend.

A trainee plumber working for a couple of hundred Euro’s a week back in his home of Dubln city. The fighter from Crumlin goes into detail about himself, his upbringing on the streets of Dublin, his fights both inside and outside the sport. And where and what next for him on this crazy rollercoaster ride of a journey!

Live From Manchester England

Coming live from Manchester England and streamed from around the world to those watching online. Conor McGregor sets the venue on fire as he brings his own unique character and energy to the stage. To answer any and all questions put to him by the world’s number one MMA journalist Ariel Helwani.

what will we learn from this encounter, or will we, in fact, learn anything at all new. It’s a unique opportunity to get under the skin of MMA’s, even all sports current biggest star. So fasten your seatbelts, hide your kids, hide your wife. And enjoy this time with the first two-division champion of the UFC as he opens up to the world watching.

If he is on form, we are sure this will be a night to remember!

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