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Conor McGregor’s Sparring Partner Quitting | First Take ESPN Reacts

Conor McGregor’s Sparring Partner Paulie Malignaggi Quits ESPN Reacts

With the news that Paulie Malignaggi has stepped away from the Conor McGregor camp. For the upcoming super-fight against Floyd Mayweather Junior. The guys at First take, Stephen A Smith and Max Kellerman, give their take on what it might mean for the August 26th match. Something which Paulie is adamantly disputing.

He feels as though he has been used to sell a certain story. When in fact that hasn’t been the case during their sessions. ESPN presenter Max Kellerman references how he has been explaining to people how he expected something like this to come from the Mayweather camp. A story about how Floyd is looking bad in sparring. How he’s not the same fighter. All in an effort to give McGregor a real shot inside the ring.

But now it appears to Kellerman that the story is actually coming from Team McGregor. As they try to build a picture of Conor besting a former two time World Champion in Malignaggi.

Kellerman believes that this is all a ploy to get the fans excited. ABout how McGregor could have a real chance. When in his eyes the very opposite is true. To show McGregor is strong and ascending. And to show Floyd is weak and vulnerable. In order for it to appear competitive.

Prior to Paulie walking away

However, Stephen A Smith feels that he has to challenge what Kellerman is eluding it. He believes that Paulie knew what would come with the promotion of the fight, in an effort to hype the fight. Paulie is not new to this game. And this photo of Paulie on the deck is all part and parcel of selling the fight. Showing that if you can catch a skilled boxer like Paulie. If you can drop him, then who is to say McGregor cannot do the same thing to Floyd Mayweather.

Prior to him walking away from the camp. In a previous interview, Malignaggi had actually talked about McGregor very positively. Adding to that he looked a bit beat up after their sparring. Leading some to believe he wasn’t having it all his own way with the UFC champion.

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