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Conor McGregor Makes His Case for a Title Shot: Fighters Cut

Conor McGregor On Why He Deserves A title Shot

Top UFC featherweight contender Conor McGregor brings us through his fight with striker Dustin Poirier. Believing he had already defeated the man from Louisiana before he had even entered the octagon. Step by step we hear from McGregor as he takes us through Poirier’s entrance. He talks about his back and forth between the two prior to them stepping inside the cage. He recalls the Diamonds ill-fated words. “This guy a clown man”. Breaking down the deciding punches and finishing blow in the bout.

McGregor has been on a tear since joining the ranks of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Now he sits on the cusp of a title shot as next on the list will be either a matchup against Chad Mendes. Or a title fighting against the long-reigning Jose Aldo Junior. And Conor McGregor is not shy in explaining what he believes will be the outcome of either of those fights. Believing it seems that none of the featherweights in the division will be able to handle him inside the octagon.

So now after the Dustin Poirier fight, what will be next? And can the man from SBG in Dublin Ireland live up to his own hype train? All eyes are no doubt on him now as he analyses his options in the sport. Not happy to sit on the sidelines and wait, should anyone get injured he is more than happy to step in and prove he is the number one 145 lb fighter in the world. And for those who doubt him, well he couldn’t care less! As the Irishman is eager to back up his words with actions as he claws his way to the number one spot on the UFC ladder.

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