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Conor McGregor: How I Used The Law of Attraction to Be A Success

Conor McGregor and how he uses The Law of Attraction

We have all heard Conor McGregor speak of him visualising his success. From the very beginning when he was struggling. In a shit job or no job at all. Driving his girlfriend’s old banger of a car. Fighting at local events to try to make a breakthrough into the big time. But how much does he truly invest in this idea if visualisation?

Let Conor teach you a thing or two about The Law of Attraction and how he used it as a success for his career. Visualise it in your head and it will become true before your eyes. From the 13 second KO of Jose Aldo to him winning two consecutive world titles in the UFC. He says that he has seen it all happening before it ever happens. But how?

Let’s go inside the mind of the man himself and work out how he sees his own future. There’s a lesson here for all of us. Now the question is, what does he see when he looks forward to August 26th 2017. When he faces Floyd Mayweather in perhaps the biggest single fight event in sporting history. Someone should ask him what he is thinking and if Mystic Mac has a prediction?

McGregor has gone on to be one of the biggest stars in the world. A to time world champion in two major MMA promotions. Now he sits on the cusp of the biggest payday of his career, where a few short years ago he was a struggling plumbers apprentice in Dublin. The world really is his oyster and are sure there is nothing he cannot achieve if he puts his mind to it. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see what words of wisdom Conor has for us.

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