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If You Don’t Think Conor McGregor Can KO Floyd Inside 4, You’re an Idiot – Eddie Alvarez

Conor McGregor can knock Floyd Mayweather out

The former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez was speaking with Brett Okamoto. He talks about how in the past, he has been more absorbed with winning the World title than with his fans. Now he has done that. He wants to focus more on giving back to the fans. And put on some “stupid good fights”!

Brett asks about how the media keeps asking him about Conor McGregor. To which the former lightweight replies, that he is on the receiving end of what he did to his opponents. Eddie says that when you are defeated by a guy. It’s almost like you get a tattoo of that guy on your chest! And you gotta deal with it the rest of your life.

He talks about forging himself for the loss. But sometimes things do happen during the day and he will be back in that moment again. But it goes away, its history. It doesn’t define him as a fighter, neither wins nor losses.

Eddie says that he can’t be one of those guys like Conor. Wearing his mink jackets and all that. He would like to make people laugh more, but its’ just not him. It’s Conor’s style and Eddie is glad he does it because the sport needs that.

And who does Eddie think came out on top in the World tour. He thinks Conor is the more intelligent of the two. With nothing much of intelligence behind what Floyd says.

Alvarez talks about McGregor being great at what he does. But he reckons Conor has learned from Floyd, that the only way to control how you are perceived is to control your own content. That is where the real value is. And if other fighters want to do well, they should keep an eye on that.

what does Eddie think of Conor McGregor personally?

So does Eddie hate Conor McGregor? No, he doesn’t even know him. He talks about the beef with Conor which all boiled down to this. He thinks he can beat me, I think I can beat him. So it’s a genuine argument and one to be had. The same as religion, the same as politics.

And that doesn’t mean they don’t like each other. Both guys are on the same journey, and they are just trying to see what each other has! Eddie goes on to say that losing in the press conference didn’t affect him in the fight. It may affect a younger fighter, who is new to the game, but not him.

Eddie talks about how he is so excited for the Mayweather vs McGregor fight. He says he will be there the front row. And how does he see the fight unfolding? He lets us know what he believes will happen.

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