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Conor McGregor: Legends of Cage Warriors: Eire

Legends of Cage Warriors: CONOR MCGREGOR & JOSEPH DUFFY

In the second instalment of a brand new series, ‘Legends of Cage Warriors‘. Profiles both former two-division CWFC Champion Conor McGregor and Joseph Duffy. Joseph Duffy returns to mixed martial arts at Cage Warriors 70. After a four year hiatus from the sport, will Duffy continue to build on his impressive record to date? It’s a question on many peoples minds, after the past performances by the Donegal man.

With several big wins under his belt, the most famous of which was his quick submission victory of Conor McGregor. Many see Duffy as one of the rising talents in the European mixed martial arts scene. We hear from Duffy as we go through his career with Cage Warriors to date. And we see how he went from being the poster boy of the promotion. To losing a fight with a broken hand and somewhat losing his shine.

Enter Stage Left Conor McGregor

Roll in The Notorious Conor McGregor as he announces himself on the world stage. By winning the Cage Warriors featherweight belt and then the lightweight belt. Becoming the fist-fighter for the organisation to hold both belts at the same time. 

Following Duffy’s loss, he turned to professional boxing and had some good success. But mixed martial arts were calling him back to the cage, as he witnessed fellow fighters moving on to the UFC. And with that, Joe made the decision to quit boxing and return to MMA.

Duffy returns to Cage Warriors against Damien Lapilus in a fight which he hopes will signal his successful return to MMA. Should he be successful and continue his push for more wins inside the cage. There can be little doubting that he won’t at some point get the call from the UFC. We will watch this space for further news on his return to the sport.

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