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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

Conor McGregor Hitting the Heavy Bag Looking Like a Beast

Conor McGregor Working on the Heavy Bag

Some footage of UFC featherweight champion, now lightweight contender Conor McGregor hitting the heavy bag. As well as doing a range of motion exercises before he now meets Nate Diaz at UFC 196. Originally slated to face Rafael Dos Anjos for the lightweight title. McGregor was planning on being the first fighter in the history of the sport to hold two belts simultaneously. He once again steps into the octagon on March 5th for UFC 196.

McGregor has been working on his boxing in the build-up to this fight at welterweight. As in Diaz, he will face a fighter who is known for his standup, more so than his ground or kicking game. So the Irishman has been preparing for what he believes will be a striking battle, where he wants to come out on top. And we can see in this footage that he has been working diligently on his punching technique.

How good is the boxing of Conor McGregor, well its something which is being disputed. Both amongst MMA aficionados and the boxing heads. As there are big differences between the quality of boxing in MMA and the pure sport of boxing. As boxers focus their whole career only on their hands and footwork. While mixed martial artists have a tonne of different disciplines they need to cross-train in, so boxing is just one piece of the puzzle!

Working With Ido Portal

Another thing about the video is that his part-time movement coach Ido Portal. Could not miss an opportunity to get into the frame with the UFC champion. As along with helping him prepare for this huge fight. He is also in the business of building his own brand and extending his reach into other niches. So working alongside Conor McGregor for this fight can only do great things for his career in the longer term.

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