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Heavyweight Conor McGregor Destroys New York (Prank)

Conor McGregor Destroys New York (Prank) | Muscle Madness

Following the huge success of their first prank. the guys from Muscle madness are back with yet another one. This time it’s in New York City. With even more willing bystanders who have n idea that it’s not the real Conor McGregor?

Obviously, they missed the memo and the first outing. When Conor 2.0 and his crew hit muscle beach in California to do some impromptu beach workouts. And draw out several hundred would-be casual fans, who thought he w the real deal.

Well, now the guys are in the Big Apple and doing the very same thing yet again. And wouldn’t you know it! There are hoards more people on the streets who fall for the prank. Not sure if the accent gives it away? But there something about the guy that doesn’t really look like the real deal.

Anyway, it’s all in good fun. So fair play to the guys from Muscle Madness for pulling this off for a second time. Wondering if they might try going for a third? Or better yet, try it when the man himself is in the vicinity and see how the two stack up together.

T: twitter.com/MMAmicks

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