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Conor McGregor: Follow Your Dreams

Conor McGregor Becomes the Undisputed UFC Featherweight Champion

As the non MMA world woke up Sunday morning to the news, that Ireland’s Conor McGregor had become the unified UFC featherweight champion. Few could have predicted the actual circumstances in which the Dubliner would finally achieve his goal. Dispensing with the longest reigning and only man to ever hold the UFC Featherweight championship belt in a cold 13 seconds flat. And with that, the MMA worlds love affair with the charismatic mixed martial artist from Crumlin in Dublin grows ever stronger.

Sitting at the top of not only that division but McGregor now also finds himself, as he had predicted, at the very pinnacle of the sport itself. Having personally allocated himself a seat at the head of the exclusive table. I don’t think it’s biased, even as an Irishman to say that Conor McGregor must surely now be considered the biggest star the sport has ever seen.

Ufc 194 Featherweight Fight And Jose Aldo Is Knocked Out By Conor Mcgregor.Breaking all the previous records set by those who have gone before. Where and what next for the SBG Dublin fighter, who has set both the world and his adversaries alight with his words and actions. If there had been any remaining doubts in the minds of the UFC top brass.

After UFC 194 Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Las Vegas, they have been all been vanquished. Conor McGregor is now the biggest cash cow in the sport. A true performer on all levels, who following in the footsteps of Ronda Rousey will help steer the sport into mainstream consciousness.

Conor McGregor Knocking Out Jose Aldo

Those who weren’t interested or knowledgeable, have no doubt in some way been affected by what took place on Saturday night. Either by an overheard conversation at the coffee machine or a glancing look at a newspaper image. Capturing that iconic moment when McGregor brought the ten-year reign of Jose Aldo to a crushing and shocking end.

As every possible scenario played out amongst pundits and fans alike. Who could have predicted how the fight would actually play out. Well, the answer there is McGregor himself. As he has done before for many of his fights, visualising the exact scenario in which he would dethrone the number 1 ranked p4p man from Nova Uniao. To be crowned the undisputed king of the featherweight division.

So really what next… Well, quite frankly (no pun intended) who cares! In a sport where everyone wants to race ahead to the next potential opponent. Seemingly unhappy to reveal the current victory before moving on to the who’s next question. Let’s allow McGregor space and time to enjoy the spoils of his and his team’s hard work. No need to rush it… everything will happen in good time.

Let’s at least for now enjoy what we witnessed unfold all wide-eyed last Saturday night in Las Vegas. When a former plumbers apprentice who at one point being so unhappy with the direction his life was taking decided to say f#$% it all and go chase his dream. Not listening to those who said it couldn’t be done. Believing in himself so strongly that nothing or no one was going to take that dream away. It’s a homage to self-belief, hard work and dedication.

Some of us do with taking a leaf out of his book… which knowing how Conor operates, will no doubt will be on our bookshelves before you know it.

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