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JOE ROGAN TALKS The Conor McGregor Fighting Style!

Joe Rogan Talks Conor McGregor And His Fighting Style

Joe Rogan on the JRE podcast talking about Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather. And also on McGregor’s advanced MMA fighting style on the Joe Rogan podcast. He talks about McGregor’s advanced movement technique and fighting style within MMA. And how Conor applied that in his recent boxing megafight!

Rogan also talks about McGregor against boxing great Floyd Mayweather. And says that the referee saved Mayweather multiple times by breaking up the clinch. He also gets to talking about how McGregor would dominate Mayweather in an actual MMA bout. Something which Floyd knows only too well as a seasoned boxer and that he would be a fool to ever accept a cage fight.

The guys talk about how MMA fighters like Conor McGregor have an advanced level of striking and movement. Techniques which you will eventually see other mixed martial arts fighters adopting. And it is something we have already seen, with fighters and athletes alike copying the movements and mannerisms of the Irish fighter.

Conor McGregor Changed The Sport

Whether you like him or not, whether you believe he is truly a great fighter or not. There can be little denying Conor McGregor changed the face of mixed martial arts. Where once fighters were making peanuts for main event fights. McGregor has been able to lift all boats by forcing to UFC to up some of their payouts.

It is through his own success in the sport that McGregor has been able to shape the sport around him. And his fighting style has very much been a part of that push. With almost none of his opponents being able to handle him on the feet. He has cut through one division, then stepped up to the next division and taken his belts.

No longer a belt holder, will he be able to maintain his dominance and recapture gold in the UFC? Let’s listen in to Joe and his guest Brendan Schaub, as they chat about what Conor has achieved and where next for the Irish phenom.

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