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Conor McGregor Fighting Irish: Fighters Cut Interview

Conor McGregor New Fighting Irish

Relive the moment Irish mixed martial arts phenom Conor McGregor did his walkout at UFC Dublin. Step by step he talks us through the sights and emotions as he entered into the arena that faithful night July 19th 2014. Calm on the outside, ready to destroy on the inside. He talks to Fighters Cut about his 1st round KO win over Diego Brandao. The pre-fight psychological battle between the two and how he saw the whole fight playing out.

McGregor is as always refreshingly candid in how he expresses himself and how he thinks about in his approach to life. Since his arrival on the world stage, it has been a meteoric rise for the man from Crumlin in Dublin. And we get to hear what Conor himself think about his life to date and where he now finds himself. From a struggling plumbers apprentice to one of the biggest stars in all sports.

Blazing a Trail For Others

McGregor has blazed a trail for many others to follow and in this interview, he explains what he had to do to get here. And like him or loathe him, there can be little denying what he has achieved in a short space of time on the world stage. From just another fighter to headlining a UFC card after just two fights with the promotion. With doubters all around Conor McGregor listened to no one except himself and his closest circle of teammates, coaches and family.

And it is the stoic frame of mind which has led to much of his success both inside and outside the UFC octagon. Now a household name in combat sports, the world is his oyster as he moves into the next stage of his master plan. UFC featherweight champion and or lightweight champion of the world? The man from SBG Ireland says it is all on the table as the story of The Notorious One has yet to be completed.

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