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Brendan Schaub & Alan Jouban: Conor McGregor Has To Fight Tony Ferguson Next

The Next Opponent For Conor McGregor

Brendan Schaub talks with his guest Alan Jouban, about the next Conor McGregor fight. They discuss the potential opponents including UFC interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson. Nate Diaz who McGregor could face in a trilogy fight. And now Paulie Malignaggi who has once again popped back to the surface, talking about how the bout is now in talks.

Jouban comments that the whole idea behind Conor fighting Floyd Mayweather was, that it was history. Many people were turned off by the fight, but it was historic. And for that reason, Jouban tuned in. Now with Malignaggi saying another potential boxing match is in the works. Things are beginning to get a bit goofy. Conor will begin to lose fans and he is already in Jouban’s eyes.

The guys break down the numbers, trying to work out is Ferguson vs Conor now the bigger PPV vs a Diaz trilogy. But El Cucuy’s fight with Kevin Lee did badly in terms of PPV numbers. Is Tony that small a draw on paper or was it because of external factors?

Both guys make a great point that you have to have some order in the UFC.

“You Can’t Have the WWE” Jouban

Jouban breaks down the chaotic style of Ferguson which he brings to the fight. Versus the precision and timing of McGregor. How much of Conor McGregor and his boxing training which he did for the Mayweather fight will transfer back into MMA? He was already and elite striker in terms of MMA, so what level is he at now?

For both guys, they believe that Tony vs Conor is the fight that needs to happen. It’s the fight that the vast majority of fans want to see. For McGregor to come back now and legitimately be the guy, he as to face Tony. Then after that, if Conor wants to ride off into the sunset with another massive payday, why not?

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