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Will Conor McGregor Fight for $10 million After Making $100? Daniel Cormier

Will Conor McGregor fight again in the UFC

The former UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier talks about Conor McGregor. And how now the problem for the UFC is how do they lure him back? For McGregor it would be a huge drop in pay for him to go from $100 million plus in boxing. Back to $7 – $10 million in the UFC. On top of that you have the Reebok fight wear contracts which have been widely ridiculed by many of the fighters for the pay rates.

Now, McGregor is expected to come back and face dangerous opposition like Khabib Nurmagomedov or Tony Ferguson for one-tenth of the money? Cormier and his co-host discuss how Conor has usually been the bigger man in most of his fights. Apart from say, Max Holloway and Nate Diaz.

Even the lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez was a smaller man. But that is the way the cookie crumbles and in some cases, it has been pure luck. As Conor has nothing to do wit the outcome of the other fights in the division.

The guys talk about how Conor can set the narrative going into his fights. Cormier says that Conor is special. and one of the reasons for that is because he wasn’t afraid to be an idiot. All the stuff that Conor said before his fights, people expected someone to beat him a long the way. But he backed up his talk with action.

The McGregor Self Belief

The guys also talk about how the Conor McGregor camp honestly believed that the Floyd Mayweather fight was going to be such an easy fight. And they couldn’t understand how anyone else wasn’t thinking the same thing. The level of self-belief in the team is amazing.

Adding to that the fans love Conor and once you have the fans on your side and they believe what you are selling. They will follow you to the ends of the earth. Conor has managed to make people believe and because of that, they will follow him blindly.

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