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Why The Successful Respect Conor McGregor’s Failure & Loser’s Hate

Conor McGregor Humble in Victory

Here’s a pattern we’re all already starting to pick up on, even from the people who knew Floyd Mayweather would win. The evidence that successful people respect Conor McGregor even though he failed, while the loser’s continue to hate.

Failure is a cornerstone to success and if you have never taken a risk and failed, you have never been successful at anything really. World-renowned basketball player Michael Jordan spoke about this in one of his speeches. How he has kicked off the college basketball team, failing over and over again.

Those who sit back and try to mock a man who literally tried everything. Who studied every aspect of his opponent, ever move. Who psychologically got into the mind of one of the greatest trash talkers in all sports. It means you lack empathy because you have never failed yourself. You have never taken a risk. Innately you are the loser who says I told you so. While remaining safe in your bubble, never changing.

Floyd is one of the greatest boxers of our era. And was viewed as an insurmountable mountain for someone who was 0 – 0. Conor McGregor put every fibre of his being towards climbing that. For that same reason, regardless of who Floyd is. I must always believe he might be able to do it. As impossible as that may sound. Because if I don’t, what would that mean?

If you were to drive toward something bigger than yourself?

What would that mean for me if I was to do the same? That being said, if he were to take all this in and try again. All the study and hard diligent work. No doubt I would believe in him again. As much as I respect Floyd. The reverse is also true. If I saw him talking, but I saw no work, no study after the Eddie Alvarez fight. I would give him a zero percent chance. Not even one, but I didn’t see that at all. He truly worked with everything he had.


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