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Conor McGregor Exclusive Interview: “Ready to go Change the Face of the Fight Game Once Again”

Conor McGregor Exclusive interview before Facing Floyd Mayweather

We are now just seven days away from the most historic fight of our generation. As Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor face off in boxing super fight. Conor spoke with Andrew McGahon about the upcoming fight. How he camp, based at the UFC Performance Institute has been.

He talks about how is pretty much representing the UFC against the boxing world. He talks about how great the camp has been and how well the UFC have treated both him and his team. every little touch, every little consideration has been taken into account. Now Conor is ready for the fight of his lifetime. And as he puts it,

“We’re ready to go change the face of the fight game once again”

McGregor reacts to Floyd not have brought in any MMA fighters to spar and if he is making a mistake by not doing so. Conor believes that there are no other MMA fighters who could mimic him inside the ring, except perhaps Bruce Lee. Who we would, of course, have to bring back from the dead.

McGregor also talks about the move from 10oz down to 8oz gloves. Something he is very comfortable with, as he usually fights in 4oz. He talks about bringing in the professional referee to oversee the action. And that how he has had to make adjustments in his style.

Conor McGregor is also asked about Mayweather quote about how he performs well under the lights. To which Conor replied,

“I perform great under the lights.”

Now just a few days away, with everything he has done. The officials in the ring, all the rounds of sparring, the clapper. How will it all play out on the night itself?

Conor says that he has been under the spotlight a lot longer than most of his opponents. And how if Floyd is thinking it’s something that is going to faze him, he is wrong. And he is ready!

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