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Conor McGregor Will Get Knocked Out in Six Rounds

One time sparring partner to Conor McGregor, Chris Van Heerden. Had a few not so good words to say when asked about the upcoming Floyd Mayweather super-fight. Chris is not of the belief that Conor will be able to do anything to hurt Floyd inside the ring.

“It’s ridiculous…it’s going to proven on the night that this fight should not have happened…he’s going to get touched up…Floyd will embarrass you…Floyd’s stopping him…he’s going to pack a little more weight behind those punches…TKO between 3 and 6,”

Welterweight contender Chris Van Heerden says that it is really a case of money talking. He thinks that it was perhaps the fan pressure which actually made the fight happen. But on the night, he says that it will be proven the fight should never have happened.

He talks about the film which he released of him boxing Conor. Saying that he hopes he has learned a lot since that time. Van Heerden thinks that on the night, once Conor steps into the ring across from Floyd. And is made to miss a few shots. He is going to forget everything he has learned in boxing in the last 9, 10 months.

So he will then resort back to his own style of fighting that he is using in the UFC. He will drop his hands and come with that awkward movement. He will give it absolutely everything, but he’s going to get touched up!

His advice to Conor is not to try to compete with Floyd. What he needs to do when the bell rings is drop his hands and try rush, Floyd. Try absolutely everything,

“Just let your hands go, forget about your form. And try to land something because that is the only opportunity you have got!”

He thinks that after round one, it will be tense. Then round two, he will miss a few shots. He will go back to what he knows best which is his MMA style of fighting.

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