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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

“BRING YOUR BALLS” – Conor McGregor Challenges Malignaggi to Real Fight

Conor McGregor And Pauli Malignaggi Face To Face

So Conor McGregor has been keeping busy outside of the ring and cage. Making a special appearance at the SSE Arena in Glasgow. During the Q&A he was asked who he is likely to face in the near future. with quite a list of potential opponents. Conor singled out his ex-sparring partner Paulie Malignaggi for some special treatment saying,

“Paulie on the other hand… he’s talking enough shit… I know he’s looking for a fight… he’s talking about balls, bring your balls. And do this and do that… Bring your balls and come fight in a real fight,”

Stated the UFC two-division champion. Firing some warning shots across the bows of multi-division former world champion Malignaggi. It has to be pretty obvious to Paulie that should he ever decide to accept the offer. And step into the world of mixed martial arts. The former boxing champ would no doubt be in for a whole world of hurt. And an all but assured guaranteed loss.

But if the purse is big enough. Who knows if the New Yorker would have big enough balls to face McGregor in his domain. Can’t have it all your own way in this life, Paulie.

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