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Conor McGregor is Not Gonna Catch Floyd with That bullsh$t he’s Throwing!

Conor McGregor Won’t Hit Floyd Mayweather

Elite boxing trainer Jeff Mayweather discusses, what are the differences between boxing and MMA gloves. A stalwart at Mayweather gym and uncle to Floyd Mayweather. He speaks at length about the not so important differences between what the fighters are wearing on their hands. For him, it’s not of any major importance.

What it all boils down to in the end is the punches themselves. and the skill and knowledge of the boxer. Jeff talks about his own time boxing and how he would often spar heavyweights. It didn’t make a huge difference when his own skills outshone those of the bigger man. He was able to use his ring intelligence to get off his shots while avoiding the bombs of the much bigger man.

He then talks about how that compares to the upcoming Conor McGregor fight. How pitting Floyd’s undisputable ring intelligence against a guy who has never boxed professionally. And how this huge gulf in skills will translate into Conor McGregor not being able to land on Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“Conor McGregor is Not Gonna Catch Floyd with That bullsh$t he’s Throwing!”

Conor McGregor Does Not Have A Chance

With the combat sports World community split, roughly along with MMA and boxing lines. Many purists in the boxing World say McGregor does not have a snowball’s chance in hell. Facing perhaps the greatest boxer to have ever lived, especially if you ask Floyd himself!

While many, not all of course, on the MMA side, say that the Irishman has a punchers chance. Floyd hasn’t ever faced someone with his power, they say. Money is 40, while Notorious is 28, age will be a factor!

While many in the MMA community repeat a steady stream of variables. The boxing community remains pretty much resolute in their belief that their guy will get the job done. And with considerable ease.

McGregor is a guy who has been dismissed since day one. As he bulldozed his way through two divisions in the UFC. The naysayers repeatedly called for his demise. But it never came! He now stands on the precipice. In one of the biggest “fights” in the long and illustrious history of combat sports. Ready to once again shock the World! Will we see a fairy tale ending or will history prove people like Jeff correct?

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