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Conor McGregor Lasting 12 Rds? Brendan Schaub Bets Talks 100K Bets & a Dick Pic

Conor McGregor Will Last 12 Rds Brendan Schaub

Former UFC heavyweight fighter turned Comedian, podcaster and most recently analyst Brendan Schaub. Joined Comedy Fight Host Rob King at the Extra Point to talk all things Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor.

King wants to know if Conor will even win a round? Well, Brendan is so confident that he will win a round. That he is willing to bet the fight will go the full 12. And to back up those words he has laid down the gauntlet to ESPN boxing pundit Max Kellerman. Who firmly believes McGregor will not even land a punch.

Schaub is truly adamant when he says that McGregor is going to take a round from Floyd. Whereas the host seems almost shocked by the idea! He says that he’s not saying it to simply draw people in and that his belief is genuine.

Schaub who boxed for fifteen years and was a professional mixed martial artist for a further 10. Believes that from personal experience, it takes professional boxers time to feel an MMA fighter out, when they first step into the ring.

McGregor’s Awkward Style

He believes that Conor’s awkward style is something that will make Floyd a while to figure out. Brendan thinks that the old boxing heads are so protective of their sport that they are not willing to look at MMA in a positive light. And that for that reason, they really do not know what they are talking about.

Schaub goes on to say that he doesn’t see Conor getting knocked out. And that if he is going to do it to Floyd, it will, be the first one to two rounds. So that is where you make your bank people! Hey and if it doesn’t go 12 rounds. The Brendan is going to send in a dic pic to all the Extra Point viewers. Now, who you hoping will win?

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