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Conor McGregor Suffers Brain Trauma vs Floyd Mayweather

According to a former ringside doctor, Conor McGregor suffered a mild traumatic brain injury. In his TKO stoppage loss to Floyd Mayweather on August 26th. The physician has detailed how Byrd’s reason for stopping the fight was not in fact fatigue. But in fact that the referee Robert Byrd saw that McGregor was suffering from concussion. Resulting in his loss of balance and poor coordination.

Being wobbly in the setting of pugilistic trauma will always be treated as a result of head trauma and not fatigue. And to allow a fighter to continue on would be grossly negligent. So it seems on the surface that McGregor did suffer a lot of trauma in the fight. And that McGregor was out on his feet before the referee stopped the fight.

Was The Fight Stopped Too Early?

With a range of opinions on whether the fight was stopped too early. With some people including McGregor himself calling for him to be given more time. Or to at least allow Mayweather to put him down once. Perhaps, in reality, the stoppage by Byrd was the best outcome. Nobody wants to see a fighter get seriously injured, leaving permanent damage.

It was a great fight and McGregor did exceedingly well, even if he didn’t win. With so-called boxing experts from around the world not giving the Irishman a chance. Conor McGregor went far and beyond many peoples expectations. In a sport where he has only ever competed at the amateur level, the two time UFC mixed martial arts champion showed there are few challenges he will not take on.

So let the fans take the positives from that as we move onto the next chapter in this unfinished story. Where and what next for the former plumber as he looks to continue his meteoric rise to the top, has he already reached the peak?

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