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WATCH: ” One Punch can Change a Story” Conor McGregor’s Former Boxing Coach

Conor McGregor’s former boxing coach has his say on Mayweather bout

The location, Crumlin boxing club in Dublin Ireland. As we hear from the first boxing coach of Conor McGregor.

“It’s every boxers dream to have a fight like this. Conor is a UFC fighter and to take on the best in the world. He’s an unorthodox boxer, where he can switch changes. He can go southpaw or he can go orthodox. And that may baffle Mayweather, that may just catch him. It’s a twelve, three minute fight.

Conor’s doing four fives in the octagon. It’s hard going, but they don’t really last that long with Conor. This is going to be a tactical fight. and whoever can last the distance. And Mayweather will be thinking of this. Whether Mayweather’s taking it seriously enough, I don’t know! Conor wants to win, that will be the ultimate fight. he doesn’t have to ever get into the ring again in his life. That the name of the game. One punch can change a story.”

Long long ago, in a small land far away, there came a fighter…

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