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Conor McGregor to Beat Floyd Mayweather Chris Eubank Snr Predicts

Chris Eubank Talks Conor McGregor

At one point in the great sport of boxing, Chris Eubank Senior talks about the upcoming Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor megafight. Eubank was at one point one of the greatest boxers on the planet. During a time in the sport where so many killers roamed the battlefield, Eubank stood tall as one of the greatest. Now some years on, his own son, Eubank Junior is trying to forge his own way in the sport.

Already a World Champion, Junior now looks to make an even bigger name for himself with a prize purse to match in the World Super 8.┬áSenior was talking in detail about his and his son’s plans to advance in the sport. Before being asked what his prediction is for the boxing superfight between Mayweather vs McGregor fight.

“You can’t try to outbox Floyd Mayweather Junior, it’s not possible.”

Chris says, that what everyone who knows about boxing is missing.

“What they are not thinking about, what is so obvious, it’s elusive. What everyone is forgetting is that he is an Irishman. And an Irishman has a spirit that cannot… like the Maori’s, the Jamaican’s. They are a special people. I’m just saying my observations of these people. They are amazing!

I’m not talking about Conor McGregor, I’m not talking about an MMA fighter. I’m talking about an Irishman, an Irishman is always to be respected. and that’s where it is likely, it is possible that Mayweather Junior is actually taking his eye off the target.

What is he fighting. You’re not fighting an MMA fighter. You’re not fighting a guy that is maybe limited in professional boxing. You’re fighting an Irishman.”

Reporter: “And that could be enough?”

“It is enough, how do I know? I lived this. Experience gives you a knowledge that puts you in a position of counsel. Experience, he’s an Irishman. So this is a very interesting fight Not because of ability. But because of spirit.”

Chris also gives his thoughts on the show that was the World Tour.

“The Masses use this language.”

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