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Irish American Actor Jeremy Renner Wants Conor McGregor To Beat Floyd Mayweather

I Want Conor McGregor Knock Down Beat Floyd Mayweather – Jeremy Renner on ESPN

Irish American actor Jeremy Renner has come out of the proverbial closet as a Conor McGregor fan. When asked who he wanted to see win. Renner said that he would love to see Floyd hit the canvas. When asked why? He replied,

“Probably because I’m Irish.”

Following the comments of his Avengers co-star Idris Elba. Who said he thinks McGregor can win against Floyd. Renner was then himself asked to weigh in on the fight. And give his thoughts on who he would like to see winning. he replied saying that he wants Floyd to lose.

Although you can’t take anything away from Mayweather. It’s like the Cowboys in the 90’s. You got to hate them because they are so good. And because Mayweather is so damn good, you kind of have to despise him, because no one can lay a glove on him.

And Jeremy wants him to get hit and hit hard. And he kinda wants him to go down too. He wants it to be a good fight.

He is then asked about how Irish folks feel about McGregor? To which he replies that he likes him because of his big old mouth. and the fact that he backs up his words with actions.

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