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Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz Join FOX Sports Live

Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz Back and forth On FOX Sports Live

Jay and Dan interview UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor and welterweight Nate Diaz on Fox Sports Live. This interview took place just after their pre-fight press conference bust-up. The two fighters go head to head with the expletives to match. Listen as Diaz retorts McGregor telling him he’s fought little bums. He’s the big fight! McGregor replies in his usual style with a quick comeback;

“I’ll bury him.” “I buried three bodies in LasVegas. now I’ll bury this chump.” Diaz “This is the real shit.” Hilarity ensues.

Up until this point, Conor had won the Interim then the UFC featherweight title at 145 lbs. and he has to cut a significant amount of weight in order to make that limit. This is not something which has gone unnoticed by Nate Diaz. Who outside of fight camps walks around close to 200 lbs than the 170 lb welterweight limit. So come fight night he will be the larger of the two men inside the cage.

Nate Diaz Doesn’t Rate Conor McGregor’s Opponents

As far as Nate is concerned Conor has been fighting undersized opponents. And come fight night at UFC 196, he will be in a much bigger man. The pair go back and forth with attacking one anothers past records. As Nate points out that McGregor has been tapped out by nobodies as far as he is concerned. While Conor believes Nate has been fighting bums and now he is in some serious trouble now that he is facing him.

If the fight is half as good as the pre-fight lead-up, then we should be in for a classic. With Conor McGregor making his welterweight debut, it’s difficult to call as he is untested at 170 lbs. All the action takes place at UFC 196, in a non-title main event fight that has got everyone talking.

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