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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

Conor McGregor and Ido Portal working on balance and footwork before UFC 202 #TheMacLife

Ido Portal working with Conor McGregor

Movement coach Ido Portal trains movement with Conor McGregor to help in his preparation for UFC 202, 20th August in Las Vegas. McGregor will be taking on Nate Diaz in A rerun of their UFC 196 fight in which Diaz won. This fight will again take place at the welterweight limit as the UFC champion looks to regain the win, following his first loss inside the UFC octagon.

Many people have questioned and even joked about him working with Portal. As to most the idea of a movement coach seems a little bit out there when it comes to combat sports. But we do have to remember that much of fighting starts with the feet. And as we now see today in fighters such as Vasyl Lomachenko that learning how to dance has been a key part in their development as a skilled fighter.

And so McGregor is looking to gain some advantages in terms of his movement over Diaz when the two meet again at UFC 202. So lets us take a close look at what exactly they have been getting up to behind the scenes. As one of the biggest fights in UFC history, which it might be added is not for a belt, draws nearer.

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