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Conor McGregor Is Always Moving Forward

Conor McGregor from 2013 to 2021

Time certainly does fly when you are having fun on a rollercoaster, and what ride it has been. When The Notorious Conor McGregor burst onto the international stage back in 2013. Who could have foreseen that the ultra-confident outspoken mixed martial arts fighter from Crumlin in Dublin. Would go on to be perhaps the most well-known sports athlete on the planet.

But roll it forward just eight years and McGregor has built an empire and legacy that may remain unsurpassed, at least in the world of MMA.

It’s quite hard to believe that Conor hadn’t truly broken through to the big leagues, until July 2015 when won the Interim featherweight title against Chad Mendes. But it would be his historic thirteen second knockout of the reigning champion Jose Also just five months later. Which would finally propel the new champion into the stratosphere and uncharted territory.

In a little over two years going from a plumbers assistant with nothing much going on in his life. To one of the worlds most recognisable athletes. Those now prophetic words, he had uttered on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, having yet to even step foot inside the UFC octagon;

“This is only the beginning, I’m here to take over. I’m not here to shake no one’s hand. I’m not here to be the token Irish guy in there, I’m in there to get in and win.”

Conor McGregor – The MMA hour 2013
The Mma Hour Conor Mcgregor Edition
Conor McGregor joins Ariel Helwani on the MMA hour 2013.

How Times Have Changed for Conor McGregor

From not having a pot to piss in, to having the best pissing pot on the market. And like him or not, few can question the previously untested heights of success which he has reached on his journey. No doubt with plenty of bumps and wrong turns along the way. It is not just a story of success. But also one of a man who from what we are seeing, managed to right the ship before ultimately ending on the rocks.

From the highs of becoming the first two-division champion in the UFC. Facing Floyd Mayweather in an unprecedented boxing match in August 2017. To the lows of the bus attack incident in 2018. Conor had reached the very pinnacle of fame while also playing with fire in the belly of the beast. Risking it all in a period like so many others before which could very well have signalled his demise.

But rolling forward to 2020 and into 2021. And we begin to see a refocused and reinvigorated man who first captured the world’s attention. Seemingly still with an army of support and a boatload of confidence in his own abilities on which to draw upon. I think it is fair to say that Conor McGregor is well and truly back.

What Does 2021 Have instore?

Now, what the future holds is anyone’s guess. But with those who should know commenting on his mental and physical state. As well as his desire to get in and once again compete at the very highest level. We could very well be looking at a McGregor renaissance.

With a laser focus on competing at the 155 lb limit throughout 2021 and with a win over opponent Dustin Poirier at UFC 257. He will surely be looking down the gun of a division title shot.

Against who will of course be the subject of much chatter. As his old foe and still current belt holder, Khabib Nurmagomedov sits quietly on the sidelines. Will we see this pair once again sharing the same octagon at some stage later this year? A mouth-watering prospect no matter in which camp you may reside.

A chance at redemption for the former champion. And an opportunity for Nurmagomedov to make it 30 – 0, while riding off into the sunset after being part of the biggest fight in MMA history. Nobody knows what the future holds, especially in these strange and turbulent times.

But what we do know is no matter what happens. There are those of us who will always keep moving forward.

Conor McGregor Always Move Forward


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