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Conor McGregor Exclusive Interview Before Fame 2008

A 2008 Conor McGregor Interview Before fame

A very young Conor McGregor circa 2008, when he would only have been around 20 years old. In an exclusive interview, before any of the current wave of fame which has seen the Irishman rise to the top of the UFC  and superstardom. In it, he outlines his dreams for both himself and his family.

Explaining how he intends to be the number one in the world in the ranks of the Ultimate Fighting Championships. He talks about his addiction to the sport as well as his boxing background.

Conor explains how he has been boxing for most of his life. But that when he found MMA, he immediately became hooked. He is asked how a career as a fighter differs from an everyday job. A question which gets a good laugh, but that he isn’t exactly sure how to answer.

He goes into some detail about his time as an apprentice plumber and it just wasn’t for him. And how he had to choose one over the other in order to forge his destiny in the sport. Conor explains that it’s all or nothing in the game and that he decided he had enough talent to make a living from it. So he decided to pack up his job and chase his dream.

Conor McGregor Talks About His Dream

“My dream is to be World Lightweight Champion in the UFC. Have more money than I know what to do with. And have a great life for my kids, my grandkids. Everyone in my family.”

My dream is to be number one, number one in MMA. Conor talks about training at SBG with John Kavanagh and other top-class fighters. He also talks about the Crumlin boxing club where he still continues to box. Training three times a week!

He talks about his love for MMA, saying that there is nothing out there like it. McGregor goes on to talk about how boxers, Muay Thai fighters all know that MMA is the number one sport. And how it is overtaking boxing, better than anything out there.

Conor talks about being 100% confident of making it to the UFC. That he’s training so hard and his game is coming along leaps and bounds. That he has the skills, he has the dedication. And that words cannot describe how happy he will be to make it into the UFC.

It was only at this time that Conor McGregor actually began training full time, twice a day every day. With huge improvements in his skills since the beginning of that year. As he says, it goes to show that hard work pays off.

An intriguing and insightful bit of footage which documents the rise of the Notorious one.

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