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Conor McGregor – First 14 MMA Fights in order FULL fight

The first 14 Conor McGregor Fights

With all the current unease surrounding the future of the UFC lightweight division, and it’s resident king Conor McGregor. Who for the moment is shall we say, otherwise engaged. We felt it was time to take a look back at the pre UFC fights which helped get the Irishman to where he is!

Covering both his wins and losses, the fights cover the period from 2007, right up to 2012. We see the development of the Notorious One as he fights his way into a contender position and world championships. The raw punching power and obvious fight IQ are on display for all to see. Long before the wider world came to know the most famous MMA fighter in the sport.

As Conor McGregor currently lurks in the shadows, while the remaining active 155 lb fighters duke it out for supremacy. Nobody aside from the man himself seems to have any idea, when or even if, he will ever defend the belt he took from Eddie Alvarez just over thirteen months ago at UFC 205.

McGregor Making That Diddy Bread

Now, with tens of millions in the bank and his future business plans outside of the cage coming to fruition. What will it take to convince the Dubliner that it is worth climbing back inside the cage? Does he have something to prove, and if so what?

With two world titles held consecutively in the UFC, a first. How would a return and possible defeat entice the fighter who has it all, to put it all on the line? Legacy, does he care? How the mighty have fallen, when you look at the champion that was Ronda Rousey. Going from the baddest woman on the planet to being labelled one dimensional, even fake.

Sticks and stones may not break bones, but they do have the potential to affect future earnings. And when it’s all about that Diddy bread. You may think twice.

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