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Combat Jiu-Jitsu Worlds (CJJW1) : Countdown Show

Eddie Bravo Combat Jiu-Jitsu Interview

BJJ legend Eddie Bravo discusses the world premiere of Combat Jiu-Jitsu Worlds (CJJW 1). Which will crown both a lightweight and bantamweight champion? As seen in past EBI events, the CJJ grappling format allows for palm strikes en route to the submission.

For this tournament, EBI has amassed an outstanding lineup of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, UFC and Bellator athletes. Including Cole Miller, Vagner Rocha, Wilson Reis, Baret Yoshida, and Nathan Orchard of 10th planet The first-ever world Combat Jiu-Jitsu championships will take place at Florentine Gardens on November 12th at 4 pm pt / 7 pm et.

With its combination of world-class groundwork and strikes. This latest addition to the BJJ world will be no doubt be welcomed by many from all sides. The different forms of BJJ including Gi and No-Gi has left many unanswered questions in peoples minds.

Many a Debate

Many a heated debate has taken place about how certain submissions would work out when strikes are taken into consideration. Could that leglock still be pulled off with your opponent raining down blows? If there was no-gi then that choke would have been impossible! The list goes on and on.

With less BJJ being used in MMA nowadays according to Bravo. The data for analysis of what would and would not work has become even more scarce. So with that in mind, the EBI CJJW 1 seeks to answer those very questions and settle the debate.

Another likely outcome of the mixing in the palm strikes. Is that it would make it a somewhat easier transition for people into the world of MMA. And for Eddie Bravo who has always had a love for the sport. It’s just one of the reasons he has decided to develop this new style. Creating a space for the elite of world Jiu-jitsu to come together. And to then perhaps someday transition into the cage.

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