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Clash of Styles: Welterweight Showdown – Muslim Salikhov vs. Nordine Taleb at UFC 242


The welterweight division in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is known for delivering high-intensity battles between talented fighters from around the world. Among the intriguing matchups that have captured the attention of fight fans is the showdown between Muslim Salikhov and Nordine Taleb, which took place at UFC 242. This clash not only pitted two formidable welterweights against each other but also showcased a clash of fighting styles and cultural backgrounds. In this article, we will dive into the details of this thrilling encounter and explore the significance it held for both competitors.

The Fighters:

Muslim Salikhov, also known as the “King of Kung Fu,” is a Russian mixed martial artist with a background in Sanshou and Sanda, traditional Chinese martial arts. Salikhov’s striking prowess is his biggest strength, as he combines lightning-fast kicks with devastating knockout power. With an impressive professional record, including victories in his previous UFC fights, Salikhov has established himself as a dangerous force in the welterweight division.

Nordine Taleb, hailing from France, brings a contrasting fighting style to the Octagon. Taleb, a skilled kickboxer with a background in karate and Muay Thai, is known for his precise striking and technical acumen. With a solid ground game as well, Taleb has proved himself as a well-rounded fighter in his UFC career.

The Fight:

When Salikhov and Taleb faced off at UFC 242, fight enthusiasts were excited to witness the clash of their unique styles. Salikhov’s explosive striking and unorthodox techniques against Taleb’s technical precision and well-rounded skill set made for an intriguing matchup.

As the fight began, Salikhov wasted no time in unleashing his lightning-fast kicks and powerful strikes. His Sanshou background was on full display as he launched a variety of spinning kicks and flying knees. Taleb, on the other hand, showcased his calculated approach, utilizing superior footwork and counterstrikes to nullify Salikhov’s aggression.

The first round saw both fighters land significant strikes, with Salikhov coming close to finishing the fight on multiple occasions. Taleb’s durability and defensive skills, however, allowed him to weather the storm and retaliate with precise strikes of his own. The back-and-forth action kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

As the fight progressed into the second and third rounds, it became clear that Salikhov’s explosive style was having an impact on Taleb. The French fighter, known for his durability, began to show signs of fatigue under the relentless onslaught of Salikhov’s strikes. However, Taleb’s experience and resilience allowed him to hang in there and find moments to land significant shots.

The judges’ decision was eagerly awaited after three intense rounds of action. In a close and hard-fought battle, Muslim Salikhov emerged victorious, earning a well-deserved unanimous decision. Both fighters showcased their skills and heart throughout the bout, leaving the fans with an unforgettable display of martial arts.


The welterweight clash between Muslim Salikhov and Nordine Taleb at UFC 242 was a testament to the diversity and excitement the sport of mixed martial arts offers. The bout provided a platform for two talented welterweights to showcase their respective fighting styles, blending elements of Kung Fu, kickboxing, karate, and more.

Salikhov’s explosive striking and unorthodox techniques posed a formidable challenge for Taleb, who relied on his technical proficiency and well-rounded skill set to withstand the onslaught. Despite the outcome, both fighters demonstrated their determination, resilience, and sportsmanship, leaving a lasting impression on fans and fellow competitors alike.

As the welterweight division continues to evolve, fights like Salikhov vs. Taleb remind us of the thrill and excitement that accompany these showdowns. The clash of styles and cultural backgrounds within the Octagon helps to further diversify and enrich the sport, bringing fans closer to the global landscape of mixed martial arts.

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