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Chuck Norris Takes on BJJ Legend Rickson Gracie

Chuck Norris with the Gracie family.

Chuck Norris vs Rickson Gracie

Most of us here regardless of our age will be familiar with Martial Arts legend Chuck Norris. Having starred in a swathe of action movies and himself being a world Bruce Lee‘s film Way Of The Dragon.

Before becoming an actor, Norris was firstly a true martial artist. Having fallen in love with the arts while stationed in South Korea with the US military. On returning to the US the former air corp member would go on to open a number of Karate school across the country.

Advancing in his own craft, Chuck challenged in a won a number of tournaments and North American titles. Later in his career, he would become much more famous for his movie acting career alongside greats such as Lee. Moulding a persona as one of the toughest men alive on the planet.

A character which led to the now widely referenced collection of hilarious “Chuck Norris facts“.

In this video we see Norris rolling with a member of the famous Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu¬†family. Jiu-jitsu wasn’t his strongest suit and it is something Norris was very open about. Here we see where he invited the entire Gracie family for a seminar in the States.

Norris vs Rickson

Later deciding to roll with perhaps the most famous of them all, professional fighter Rickson Gracie. Not a decision for a guy who is not known for his ground game. The footage plays out very much as did all the footage from challengers at the Gracie Academy.

Instances where fighters would walk in off the street and try to beat a Gracie in hand to hand combat. Pitting their style of fighting against the Gracie family’s BJJ.

Chuck Norris found himself in pretty much the same situation and as a result, gets chocked out within a few seconds. Still, at least he tried. Something which many martial artists would never consider. In order for their mystique to remain intact.

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