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Chuck Liddell – Untold Stories About His Career & UFC

Chuck Liddell Talks about his life

If you are a true fan of mixed martial arts, then you are a Chuck Liddell fan. Chuck along with other fighters like Tito Ortiz, Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock, Kevin Randleman, Randy Couture etc. Laid the blueprint and foundation for other fighters to follow.

Today Chuck may be in his late forties, but he still has plenty of fight in his head and heart. And in this interview, it’s evident that he is still very much game in making a return to the cage. And especially if it were against his old foe, Tito Ortiz.

The former UFC light heavyweight talks about his life and career. From where it all began, with him actually being told he was wrestling in college. Offering to take a fight against a 15 – 0 fighter, without any training, on one days notice.

To him being a professional MMA fighter. Chuck talks about his iconic fights and opponents from Tito, Randy Couture and Vitor Belfort. He has fought and beat them all, sometimes after first losing of course.

He talks about his relationship with longtime coach John Hackleman. The only guy who before or after has ever given him such a beating. Chuck also talks about the differences between being a fighter and a coach. And how some of the things he likes to see in actual fights, and fighting styles. He would not advise his own students to do inside the cage.

A Return to Action

He also talks at length about his potential return to the cage. Whether it be against his old foe Tito Ortiz, who has been making some things be known. Or perhaps against someone like Chael Sonnen, who he again, of course, believes he can easily beat.

A fascinating insight into the life and times of one of mixed martial arts greats, Chuck Liddell. And trip down memory lane for many long term fans.

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