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Chris Weidman: Singular Focus – Mental Game & Spirituality

Chris Weidman on the Mental Game & Spirituality

In his own words, UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman. Talks about his approach to the fight game and his spiritual connection with God and it’s importance in his life. While he has been through so much adversity in the past few months, his faith has remained strong. It’s something he draws upon whenever he steps into the octagon to fight. And it is something which helped him to victory against the long-reigning Anderson Silva. As Chris says in his won words;

“For me, preparation is all about the physical, the mental and most importantly, the spiritual. If I’m not spiritually in the right place, I’m a mess. You’re always trying to feel confident and to feel good about yourself, but what it comes down to is really giving up to someone else. Having faith. When I’m getting ready for a fight — when I’m in that locker room or I’m making that walk and I finally get to the Octagon — it’s all spiritual. When I’m spiritually in the right place, there’s no stopping me.”

UFC 187 Defending His Middleweight Title

And now as he is the reigning UFC middleweight champion of the world. Chris Weidman is a man with a target on is back. With contenders lining up to challenge his dominance at the very top. It’s critical that he has his mind and body in the right place at all times. As now, more than ever, he has to train and stay focused in order to overcome any obstacles put in front of him.

One of those next hurdles is that of former UFC champion Vitor Belfort who challenges for the title at UFC 187. And Chris Weidman will be looking to once again show the world he is the best 185 lb fighter on the planet. Believing that his faith in God and his work inside the gym will be enough. To propel him to yet another successful performance inside the UFC octagon.

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