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Chris Eubank Jnr A Boxer That Answers To Absolutely No One

Chris Eubank Junior Middleweight boxer

Chris Eubank Jnr, son of another famous world middleweight Chris Eubank Senior. Is a rising super middleweight boxer that openly now trains himself. As he was growing up, having had a good upbringing in a wealthy part of the city, while also having a very famous father.

Eubank junior became the target of harassment and bullying. As others sought to test who they considered being a soft daddy’s boy. Seeing that there was trouble ahead, senior sent Chris to the US to live. while also training himself in the art of boxing.

Honing his skills Stateside, the young Brit soon became well established in the amateurs. winning the golden gloves and tallying up six wins in the process. Returning to the UK and following a series of issues with trainers. Junior decided to take it upon himself to train himself!

Now, whether its a good or bad thing, you can decide for yourself. But to date, the 7 days a week training regime which he strictly follows has yielded consistent results. With 26 wins and only one loss, Chris Eubank Junior has established himself as one of the very best Super Middleweights in the world.

Boxings Super Eight

Currently holding several world titles. Eubank sees himself facing George Groves in the Super Eight being held next February at the Men Arena in Manchester England. On paper at least Groves has faced stronger competition and should enter the fight as the favourite.

However Junior has proven that to date, he is not a fighter who should be underestimated. With his father in close counsel, there is no doubting the huge potential he brings to the ring. And when he faces Groves in the coming months. It may very well be the point where he finally breaks through to the next level of superstardom in boxing. Much like his dad.

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