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Chris Eubank – English | London Real Interview

Chris Eubank – English | London Real

In this episode of London Real, Brian Rose interviews the one and only Christopher Livingstone Eubanks, aka Chris Eubank. The interviews offer a rare glimpse into the world and mind  of one of sports greatest boxers and characters. One half to many of the greatest battles in UK and world boxing history, both inside and outside the ring. Chris Eubank is a man that has experienced it all and gives us his take on his life and philosophies.

Eubank is a gentleman, as sharp and as vivid a storyteller as there is, sharing with his signature poetic eloquence a biography forged in blood, sweat and perseverance. From trouble in school to the top of the boxing world – his story is one of greatness. In his first 10 years as a professional boxer Eubank went undefeated. He held world titles at both Middleweight and Super Middleweight, and was world champion for over 5 years. Pushing himself to the limit he has inspired thousands to put on the gloves and to step in the ring. The life lessons of a boxer, however, are just as real and relevant in any context.

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