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Chris Curtis Vs. Joaquin Buckley (Middleweight) UFC 282

Chris Curtis and Joaquin Buckley faced off in a highly anticipated welterweight bout at UFC Fight Night 199. The two fighters delivered a thrilling performance, with both men showcasing their impressive striking skills. The first round saw Buckley come out strong, landing several heavy shots and nearly finishing Curtis with a brutal left hook. However, Curtis weathered the storm and came back strong in the second and third rounds, landing crisp punches and kicks and dictating the pace of the fight. In the end, Curtis earned a hard-fought unanimous decision victory, cementing his status as a rising star in the UFC.

One of the most impressive aspects of the fight was the striking accuracy and power displayed by both fighters. Buckley, known for his highlight-reel knockouts, showed his devastating punching power in the first round, landing a series of heavy shots that had Curtis in trouble. However, Curtis showed remarkable resilience and heart, surviving the onslaught and coming back to dominate the later rounds. Curtis’s striking was equally impressive, as he landed a variety of punches and kicks with pinpoint accuracy throughout the fight.

Another key factor in the fight was the high level of technique and skill displayed by both fighters. Curtis, a veteran of the sport with over 30 professional fights under his belt, showcased his experience and tactical acumen, using his footwork and angles to avoid Buckley’s power shots and land his own strikes. Buckley, meanwhile, showed off his impressive athleticism and explosiveness, using his speed and power to launch devastating attacks on his opponent. Overall, the fight was a thrilling display of skill and heart from both fighters and a testament to the incredible level of talent in the UFC’s welterweight division.

53 / 100
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