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Choke – The Rickson Gracie Documentary In Full

Choke Rickson Gracie Documentary

With a record of 398 wins, no defeats, the documentary Choke follows Rickson Gracie, the current reigning World Vale Tudo Champion. As he prepares to defend his belt against a new wave of up and coming fighters. With lots of one on one interviews, we get a great insight into the minds of these fighters as they prepare to go into battle in no holds barred competition.

And in the backdrop to the whole documentary if the legendary figure of Helio Gracie. Father to Rickson and the Godfather of modern Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Helio explains what exactly Jiu-Jitsu is and how it plays into the world of combat sports. He speaks about Rickson and his approach to fighting and how his martial art as affected how he performs inside the ring.

Rickson Gracie Undefeated

We follow Rickson along with his opponents as they prepare on the other side of the world. With many of whom bringing some very different skills to the competition. We also get to see some of Gracie’s earlier fights and what led up to him eventually making the move from Brazil to the United States. Once stateside we see how the Gracie family becomes established and begins to build their empire. While all along we continue to follow Rickson as he prepares to face some tough tests in Japan.

Some of his potential opponents are interviewed and surprising a few have never been in a professional fight. Many are making the transition from either shoot wrestling or kickboxing into this new realm of vale tudo. We get to see their training camps as they prepare for competition and get to hear what they think of the sport and its champion, Rickson Gracie.

Later on, we are treated to some classic Rickson workouts. As he shows us how he treats his body like a machine. How he prepares it for the battle ahead and how he combines the elements of breathing exercises. Along with flexibility and overall fitness, to produce the champion that has become synonymous with No hold barred competition.

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