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Chase Hooper Makes UFC Debut in Dominant Fashion, Defeats Daniel Teymur: UFC 245

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Chase Hooper made his highly anticipated UFC debut on Saturday night, and he did not disappoint. The 20-year-old grappler dominated Daniel Teymur from start to finish, submitting him with a triangle choke in the first round.

Hooper came out aggressive from the start, pressing Teymur against the cage and looking for takedowns. Teymur was able to defend the takedowns early on, but Hooper eventually wore him down and took him down with a double leg. Once Hooper got Teymur on the ground, he quickly established control and began working for a submission.

Teymur fought off the initial submission attempts, but Hooper was relentless. He eventually locked in a triangle choke, and Teymur was forced to tap out with just over a minute remaining in the round.

The victory was a dominant one for Hooper, who showed off his impressive grappling skills. He also showed a lot of composure and maturity for a fighter so young. Hooper is now 9-0-1 in his professional career, and he looks like a future star in the UFC featherweight division.

In addition to his grappling skills, Hooper also showed off his striking in the fight. He landed a number of punches and kicks on Teymur, and he even knocked him down once. Hooper’s striking is still developing, but it is clear that he has a lot of potential in that area as well.

Hooper’s victory over Teymur was a statement win. He showed that he is a force to be reckoned with in the UFC featherweight division. It will be interesting to see who he fights next, but one thing is for sure: Hooper is a rising star in the UFC.

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