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Here’s a Story About the Greatest Wrestler Ever With Chael Sonnen

The greatest wrestler, according to Chael Sonnen

The greatest fighter to ever live, Chael P Sonnen. Telling us the story of the greatest wrestler who has ever lived. A 21 year old Russian by the name Abdulrashid Sadulaev. Not some guy who lived years ago who’s story has been passed down through the annals of folklore.

Sadulaev appears to be everything that the old fable story myths are. Except, that he is actively competing in the sport right now. In wrestling, you have the cadets, the juniors, University, then the senior level.

Sadulaev is an athlete who at the ripe young age of 17 won the cadet world championships two times. This made him instantly eligible for the two divisions above him. which he skips and is thrown straight into the senior division by the Russian Federation.

Sadulaev takes part in the world championships which takes place in Las Vegas Nevada. The Russian not only won the senior championship, running through everybody in the process. When his opponents would be exiting the match. They would have a look on their faces Chael had only seen one time before. And that was when wrestler faced the great Alexander Karelin.

When exiting the bout they would have a look of relief that the match was over and that there were not hurt. Fully accepting defeat at Karelin’s hands.

Facing Cuban wrestler Reineris Salas

Chael not being familiar with wrestlers outside of the US. Had little way to qualify the wins of Abdulrashid Sadulaev. It wasn’t until the following year when he faced the well-known Cuban wrestler Reineris Salas.

Who had previously scored a silver medal in the senior worlds. So now we have a legit senior in against the young Russian, who is still eligible for the juniors and universities. Sadulaev disposed of Salas in under 90 seconds, without losing a point.

But in International wrestling, sometimes there are alot of politics involved. So with that in mind, Chael’s thoughts on the Russian were once again thrown into disarray. Was he legit or simply a product of the sometimes corrupt system? Probably best if we let Chael tell you the rest of the story himself.

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