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Celtic Boxing Legends – Celtic Fists Part 1

The legends of Celtic boxing

A really excellent short documentary, following the exploits of Celtic boxing legends. In Celtic fists, we are brought on a journey which takes us through the early years of Irish, Welsh and Scottish fighters and their exploits in the sport of boxing.

The main focus of the short brings us back to the early 1800s and onwards. When a golden era of Celtic boxing appeared on the horizon. Introduced by former World Champion Barry McGuigan. Barry opens up with what today might be considered a pretty provocative comment stating;

“I think we are tougher than the Anglo Saxons. I think we are more tenacious, more determined. And I think we are more, just more of a firebrand of nature. Celts were always pretty volatile people. And it’s always worked for the Celtic fighters I know.”

Poverty does something to a man, it’s pushed him over the edge. And throughout the Celtic Nations of the British Isles. Poverty was something which was ingrained in the psyche of every man woman and child for many generations gone by.

For many, boxing became the only way for them to pull both themselves and their family out of the cycle of poverty. However, boxing itself also led to the early demise of many a man. Who either through the excesses of fame and fortune, unable to handle the upheaval it brought into their lives. Becoming such a common trait that it was inextricably linked with the sport itself.

We get to meet with and hear from some of the very world champions. Who in their own words detail both their rise and fall from stardom. It’s effects and the common string throughout all their shared experience. Overindulging in high life and an inability to adjust to normal life outside of the ring.

We also get to hear from those nearest and dearest who have lost their loved ones to death inside the ropes. All in all a fascinating insight into the coloured and chaotic history of Celtic boxing. A real must for any fan of the dangerous and addictive sport.

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81 / 100
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