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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

Can McGregor Beat Mayweather?

Can Conor McGregor Really Beat Mayweather?

That is the question on almost everyone’s lips. And to answer it in his own unique and distinctive way is Mixed Molly Whoppery. Who as always delivers with comedic brilliance, mixed with some great insight. For one,┬áseeing many similarities between this and Rocky I. Yes we said Rocky I!┬áThink about it! A guy who is given no chance whatsoever steps in against one of the most dominant champions of the time. Almost no one gives him a snowball’s chance in hell of exiting the fight victorious. But he still goes in there and puts everything on the line.. and well you know the rest of the story.

Between now and August 26th, we are going to be awash with montages and breakdowns. Before the actual fight, itself comes to fruition. Every detail of the verbal and mental battle will be played out across social media. And that includes the man bag wars. So long as we keep getting quality content like this! We will keep feeding you via slingshot until you are sick to the back teeth. See you soon for more!

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